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NFSC LAN Server coming closer

Posted on 28. Dec 2006 · Comments [20]
In case you've missed the NFSC LAN Server Discussion @ our NFS Zone Messageboard then you should check it out. Covo2k and others came very close now, but it looks like without help of experienced reverse engineer we're stuck. The problem lies somewhere in private/public keys pairs and forcing the game to accept our keys instead of the EA's. This would probably involve some serious changes to the game files, which wasn't exactly what we'd like to do. In case you are able to help, please read entire thread about NFSC LAN Server @ our NFS Zone Messageboard. Thanx and happy new year!!!!!
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So, when is it coming?
C-Mon, faster thx. U nfszone say it since 2005:S
good server
yeah!!!!!!!good lan
Where? plz send me the link
its a wonderful game .SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE IT... WE CANNOT SAY WHAT IS THIS THANKS FOR NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED................................@@@2@
Hi mans
i need to run carbon over lan ?!
what can i do
i saw that my friends runs it at gamenets (at IRAN,Shiraz,Tehran cities)
Please read first before asking for it
"but it looks like without help of experienced reverse engineer we're stuck."

They cant finish it atm but I have to congratulate you all on all the effort you've put in. good luck.

Can anyone help to create a Dedicated Server For Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2.

Its Urgent, Plz Reply Me At My Email Address.


Thanks for the effort!
ok sinse ea closed the servers for underground, where can i get a good lan servr? to pl;ay it online
how to download nfs?send to me the links..
yo man
desactivar todo
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