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NFS Carbon LAN Server?

Posted on 13. Nov 2006 · Comments [11]
Today I looked into how complicated would be to construct a custom NFS Carbon LAN Server. Blame EA for the extreme amount of cheaters, not the the publishers of the trainers. But the thing is, that even on a super-fast LAN when the ppl are sitting next to each other, all the comms go through EA servers making the game really suck a lot. The solution is a NFS Carbon LAN Server.

From what I've found out so far, the online play is very similar to NFS Underground's and this is where the old NFSU Server may come into play. These are just first thoughts, express your ideas on the topic in the NFS Carbon over LAN thread in the NFSC Forum.

11 comments so far
It is very godd game
U r the best...

I hope u will code a patch for this.

U have many good coder for this...

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nanet cool!!!!!!!!
yo man
the lan is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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