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Posted on 12. Nov 2006 · Comments [6]
Whoa! A trainer for Microsoft XBox. We don't have an XBOX version of the game to test against, but this may be helpful to any XBox user out there. Please share your experiences with this trainer on the NFSC Forum in the NFSC XBox Trainer thread.
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i have doen the game 93% the gameplay seems to be very easy... was just wondering how does the trianer do... is it anygood?
the trainer from TEaM Evox-T, which is one of the most respected trainer groups in the world. so this one should be good =)
the trainer has an option to unlock everything, that includes cars that you can only access if you have xbox live on the 360, and cars only availble in the collectors edition on the standard one(not collectors).

Other options include:
Lotsa money, escape cops, change wanted level(high/low).

vive les trainer
how do I put the trainer onto my xbox? thanks
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