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NFSC AllAccess Cheat Savegame Released

Posted on 6. Nov 2006 · Comments [7]
Before the trojan stuff around the NFSC Trainer from Unleashed clears out we are bringing you another great NFS Carbon Savegame. This time it's from Ced from Revolver. Find it on NFSC Downloads page. The save looks very similar to Kryplos's. Not much new opened there. I also updated the old saves to be much easier to install. Stay tuned for some more tools on this.
7 comments so far
where the heck are all the cool bonus cars the original savegame file gives you???
I mean nice savegame, everything unlocked,.. but the crappy bonus cars they come with,.. what's up with that,.. I sure would like the bonus cars it comes with,. or how can i change them???
Thanks good work,.. God Bless.
yea i tried the 6+ trainer with acer savegame...
that's what i would like then i could work from there,..
Anyone know how to use the trainer 6+ to unlock all the cars in acers savegame, and then be able to save the game,. and still have them without the trainer... thanks.
that's what exactly we are after now, stay tuned - hopefully someone will hack this together - if it will be us or someone else - who knows =)
just download the +6 trainer, open the trainer, open nfsc and press F3 for everything to be unlocked
but, press the f3 in the game while racing... =)
{NFSC} how do i change the name of my saved game so when i save it it will save to the new name instead of the old one?
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