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NFSC Hacking and +6 Trainer

Posted on 6. Nov 2006 · Comments [6]
After hacking whole night on IRC with good old crew and Aru, we actually found out that the +6 unlocking trainer (see NFSC Downloads) works better than we expected. All you have to do, is to activate the F3 key (Unlock-all) while in the game (RACING!). That will give you really everything including Pagani Zonda, Lotus Europa and Koenigsegg CCX. Find all the cars on the NFSC Cars page.

What's even better is that, that the good old NFS Most Wanted method of savegame hacking works and we've been able to put a Zonda into Career Mode. But that's not much as it costs 250k and gives you almost no chance to change performance and style. Grab the NFSMW hacking tutorial on the NFSMW Download page.

6 comments so far
hi plz give me the trainers
dude u have to give me dat trainer i appreciate u getting it and making it u have get the trainer out
how i unlock the cars like the jag xk for xbox
K how do you do that on an Xbox 360???? please help me E-mail me back if you find out...
My email is
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