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NFS Carbon Trainer +16!

Posted on 4. Nov 2006 · Comments [11]
Who else could it be, than the mighty PiZZADOX which creates the excellent trainers for years. I remember few great for the previous Nee For Speed Titles. The unbelievable 16 features besides of those already provided by the previous trainers include:
  • Toggle No Car Heat
  • Toggle Be the Most Wanted
  • Toggle Instant Cooldown
  • Toggle Freeze Pursuit Time
  • Toggle Set Pursuit Time To 45 Minutes
  • Toggle No Police Backup
  • Toggle No Cops After You
  • Toggle Massive Cops After You
  • Toggle Massive Police Vehicles Immobilized
  • Toggle Massive Canyon Race Points
  • Toggle Disable Fall Behind Time
  • Toggle Unlimited Crew Member Availability
  • Toggle Super Fast Acceleration

As always you can find it on the NFS Carbon Download page.

11 comments so far
tres bon jeu
ok so i load this up...

then i load or click launch to launch nfsc...

why is there a sound coming from my cpu? it doesn't go away... it goes away when i close the trainer...

any ideas?

That depends...if it's the blip-sound when you turn the cheats on or off, it's normal. PiZZADOX's trainers creates these "funny" sounds, it was the same with the MW trainer. Otherwise, I don't know. But where the hell does the blip-sound come from?
It comes like from older modem conection like some shit....


its good and works well with my pc.

you have to try this out

how do u install the trainers cuz im confused
when u dl them do they go straight to your nfsc game or wht do u have to do
sfvx, u install it by unzipping it anywhere, then run the trainer, running Carbon, then use the keyboard shortcuts explained in the infotext.
thank u
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