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NFS Carbon - Trainer Downloads (NFSC)

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NFS Carbon Trainer and Unlocker for v1.3 by Gnagna 2000 tip UPDATED!

These trainers are similar to the trainers below, but they work for patched NFS Carbon to version 1.3.
Download trainer here:
Download unlocker here:

NFS Carbon Physics Trainer by Racer_S

Tons of features including a teleporter, just run the trainer and figure it out! Game must be focused for hotkeys to work. Will work for version 1.2 only.
Download trainer here:

NFS Carbon Unlocker and Savegame Validator by Gnagna2000

This is an ultimate tool for all savegame hackers around. With this tool, you will be able to unlock everything in the game and even import other's savegames under your cdkey. This virtually enables you to play online with downloaded saves from the internet. This tool disables the savegame CRC mechanism, so you can load up savegames with different cdkeys and let the game save them under your cdkey. Neat eh?
Download here: nfsc_unlocker_12_v2_by_gnagna2000

NFS Carbon +XII Trainer by gnagna2000 tip UPDATED!

This time a fine French trainer. Among other features this gives you the chance to just fall off in the canyon race to win, unlocks all the stuff and much much more. Make sure you change the compatibility mode to Windows95/98 in the properties of the trainer exe file to make it working. Read the included readme file.
Download here: nfsc_trainer_+xii_gnagna

NFS Carbon +19 Trainer by AGES PRODUCTION

The top trainer released to date. Do we need to say more?
Download here: nfsc_trainer_19_ages

NFS Carbon +17 Trainer - by Unleashed

Very similar to the PiZZADoX trainer, this trainer comes with almost the same features. So choose which one will work for you and which has easier controls to remember. This brings up a new feature of riding as a ghost car. Credit goes to Unleashed. Thank you!
Download here: nfsc_trainer_17_unleashed

NFS Carbon +16 Trainer - by PiZZADoX (tip UPDATED!)

This is the coolest trainer to date. It has 16 (!) features: infinite N2O toggle, infinite speedbreaker time, get massive money, toggle no car heat, be the most wanted toggle, instant cooldown toggle, freeze pursuit time toggle, set pursuit time to 45 minutes, no police backup toggle, no cops after you toggle, massive cops after you toggle, massive police vehicles Immobilized toggle, massive canyon race points toggle, disable fall behind time, unlimited crew member availability toggle, super fast acceleration toggle. Will help a lot especially on the Police missions. Updated. The fallback timer now works even in the second part of the canyon race!
Download here: nfsc_trainer_16_pizzadox

NFS Carbon +6 Trainer - by AGES PRODUCTION

This is more comprehensive trainer as it provides six (6) different features to play with: Infinite money, always first, unlimited nos, unlimited bullet time, save/restore and unlock all option! This trainer is a must! It unlocks all the cars in the game including Pagani Zonda and Koenig CCX! To get really all unlockables follow these steps:

  • Run the trainer and game as usual
  • Run some race in career mode and while racing press F3. Then exit the race.
  • Go to Quick Race and there you will have ALL the cars from the game. (Make sure you use the arrow up and down too =)

Download here: nfsc_trainer-b6-ch

NFS Carbon Trainer +3 - by PWZ

This trainer will give you free shopping, unlimited speedbreaker and nitrous.
Download here: nfsc_trainer_pwz

NFS Carbon Trainer +3v2 - by Abra

This trainer will give you unlimited money, speedbreaker and nitrous. It's V2 of the trainer below (Also by Abra)
Download here: nfsc_trainer_abra2

NFS Carbon Trainer - by Abra

This is a quick an easy trainer to keep you rich enough to buy anything you would possibly need. It still keeps you one buck from being a millionare though. =) To activate it press CTRL-1.
Download here: nfsc_money_trainer

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