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NFS Carbon - Misc Tools Downloads (NFSC)

Also in this section: NFSC Language hacks, NFSC Trainers and NFSC Savegames.

NFSC Windowed Mode by Arushan

Tool mainly for developers of 3rd party upgrades and hacks for NFS Carbon will allow you to run the game in Windowed mode!
Download here:

NFSC Resolution Changer by Racer_S

This tool will allow you to run NFSC in virtually any resolution your hardware supports (works with v1.2 and v1.3)
Download here:

NFSC No Intro Hack by GENiEBEN

Perfect tool by GENiEBEN which will help you disable the annoying intro and therefore speedup the loading of the game quite a bit.
Download here:

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