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NFS Carbon - Savegame Downloads (NFSC)

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tip Make sure you check out the NFSC Savegame FAQ page of the NFSC FAQ for detailed info on saves! Activating one savegame may disable the other! Use one of the savegame activator tools to make it easier.

NFS Carbon Savegame Editor by Code Ripper tip

This thing is an ultimate solution for all your savegame needs. Here are the features

  • change the amount of money
  • edit your alias and crew name
  • modify the "heat" level on any of your cars in career mode
  • unlock cars, perfomance, visual, aftermarket and autosculpt stuff
  • repair your savefiles (fix checksum, change cd key)
  • explore and modify internal data structures of the game
  • also, there is a free savefile library, which you can use to create your own save modification programs
    Download here: nfsc_saveeditor_1.27_coderipper (v.1.27)
    Download here: nfsc_saveeditor_1.25_coderipper (v.1.25)

NFS Carbon Savegame Checksum Fix by Gnagna2000

This tool is just for fixing the checksum in the saves, it's based on the Code Ripper's tool. So now u can generally hexedit the savegame and then use this tool.
Download here: nfsc_checksum_fixer_gnagna2000

NFS Carbon Unlocker and Savegame Validator by Gnagna2000

This is an ultimate tool for all savegame hackers around. With this tool, you will be able to unlock everything in the game and even import other's savegames under your cdkey. This virtually enables you to play online with downloaded saves from the internet. This tool disables the savegame CRC mechanism, so you can load up savegames with different cdkeys and let the game save them under your cdkey. Neat eh?
Download here: nfsc_unlocker_12_v2_by_gnagna2000

NFS Carbon Unlocking Bundle by GodSpeed

Few already published tools bundled together with special hexedited savegame by GodSpeed will allow you to choose one of the 60+ cars at the car lot. Game completion 100%, career completion 100%, challenge series 100%. Enjoy!
Download here: nfsc_savegame_bundle_godspeed

NFS Carbon Savegame Selector by edasx

The purpose of this tool is to select the active savegame from multiple savegames with different cdkeys without the need to hexedit or change registry keys. This tool will automatically scan the NFS Carbon save directory and will list all valid savegames. Then you just enter the correct number you would like to activate and fire up the NFSCarbon. This tool may also help you find the key in the save if you forgot it and reinstalled the game.
Download here: nfsc_savegame_selector
Source code: nfsc_savegame_selector_source

NFS Carbon Savegame Validator by GENiEBEN - tip UPDATED!

Savegames from NFS Carbon can't be spread to other players because the CD-KEY used on install is added into savegame. If this CD-KEY from the savegame is different than yours, it won't load the savegame. This tool may also help you restore a forgotten CDKEY.
Download here: nfsc_savegame_validator

NFS Carbon Savegame - 100% Tuner by Tomas

Tomas's savegame has lot of unlocked bonus cars. I wonder how he managed to unlock CCX but apparently he did and that's why he got his savegame into our hall of fame.
Download here: nfsc_savegame_tomas_ccx

NFS Carbon Savegame - All Access Savegame by Ced

Aced of ReVOLVeR-DoX has came up with this All Access Savegame. Check it out.
Download here: nfsc_savegame_aced

NFS Carbon Savegame - Savegame95 by Kryplos

Kryplos almost completed game savegame. This savegame is not intended for online playing. Features: 100% Career done, 95% of game won, 3 fine rides, almost 500k and more. See readme or NFS Carbon FAQ for details on savegames.
Screenshot here:nfsc_savegame_kryplos95_screen_gbox
Download here: nfsc_savegame_kryplos95

NFS Carbon Savegame - Beaten Boss by Kryplos

Kryplos completed career savegame. This savegame is not intended for online playing. Features: Boss beaten, 300k, 3 fine rides. See readme or NFS Carbon FAQ for details on savegames.
Download here: nfsc_savegame_kryplos_bossdown

You can find more NFSC Downloads here.

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