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NFS Carbon - Language Patch Downloads (NFSC)

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NFS Carbon Universal Language Tool by GENiEBEN (PC)

Finally an ultimate solution for the language problems. Special thanx to GENiEBEN for this cool tool.
Download here: nfsc_language_sel_GENiEBEN

NFS Carbon English to Czech patch by Sivin (PC)

Download here: nfsc_language_english2czech

NFS Carbon English to Dutch patch by QuiffiozA (PC)

Download here: nfsc_language_english2dutch

NFS Carbon English to Polish patch by Antek88 (PC)

Download here: nfsc_language_english2polish

NFS Carbon English to Hungarian patch (PC)

Download here: nfsc_language_english2hungarian

NFS Carbon English to German patch by Blu3Star (PC)

Download here: nfsc_language_english2german

NFS Carbon English to Spanish patch by XBlade (PC)

Download here: nfsc_language_english2spanish

NFS Carbon English Language Activator by edasx (PC)

Hey, are you as me annoyed by the inability to switch to different languages and you live in an area where the game is sold only in some kind of alien language? There's nothing easier than switching to English (at least in Menu). Hey EA, you should keep the language switching in the setup! This is just bad!
Download here: nfsc_english_language

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