Need For Speed Zone

NFS Carbon - Downloads (NFSC)


You can download a NFS Carbon Demo and a NFS Carbon Demo Hacks on a different page of this web.


Trainers are piece of software that allows you to cheat the way even the developers of the game didn't want you to. The features includes for example unlimited money, unlock all, instant cooldown and similar. These can be found on the Trainers sub-page.


Already pre-played savegames with nearly complete game or with just a beaten boss as well as an savegame selecting and activating tools can be found on the Savegame sub-page.

Misc Tools

Other miscellaneous tools for Need For Speed Carbon can be found on the Tools sub-page. This includes no-intro patch and others.

Language Hacks

Language hacks allows you to switch between languages. The hacks are now on Language sub-page.

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