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NFS Carbon Demo (NFSC)

About Demo

Need For Speed Carbon Demo is out for you to review. You can download it on several sites around the world. You can download it from:

Demo Cheats

These codes should be typed in when on "CLICK TO CONTINUE" or "PRESS ANY KEY" screen

  • givemethedb9 - Gets you Aston Martin DB9
  • givemethechargersrt8 - Gets you Dodge Charger SRT8
  • canyonalltheway - Enables canyon race

NFS Carbon Demo Addon Mod 1.0

NFS Carbon Demo Addon Mod 1.0 is a fine patch made by Arushan. It has been tested with the EU version of the Demo. Here's the list of features.

  • Allows you to select a few new cars (most of them being MAZDA SPEED 3s). Some cars will be autoscultable, some won't. Some will have engine sounds, others won't. Some will have NOS/Speedbreaker, and some won't. Remember that these cars were never meant to be user playable :)
  • Allows you to skip all the movies / loading screens on startup.
  • Allows you to run the demo in a "window".
    Download the demo here: nfsc_demo_addon_mod1.0

Alternate Download Locations

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