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NFS Carbon - Cheats, Trainers (NFSC)

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Cheats for Need For Speed Carbon PC Full

Type these codes when on "CLICK TO CONTINUE" screen, some of them may work in main menu too. If you do a misspell u may have to restart the game.

  • inthezoneskin - unlocks Autozone Vinyl
  • syntecskin - unlocks Castrol Syntec Vinyl
  • 5grand5grand - gives you Castrol Cash
  • shinycarsarethebestcars - unlocks Chrome Cars
  • cooperlogofreeforyou - unlocks Cooper Tire Logo
  • chasingmobile - unlocks Corvette Z06 Interceptor (Police) for the quick race
  • guesswhoisback - unlocks Cross Corvette Z06 for the quick race
  • trashtalking - unlocks Rhino (Police) for the quick race
  • bigredfiredrive - unlocks Fire Truck for the quick race
  • friendlyheadlocksapplied - gives you infinite speedbreaker
  • lotsoffreevinyls - unlocks Need for Speed Carbon Special Logo
  • watchoutthebigtruckishere - unlocks Dump Truck for the quick race
  • pharrellvinylgogo - unlocks Pharrell Vinyl
  • chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk - unlocks Mazda Dealership
  • canyonalltheway - unlocks all tracks
  • nosforeverever - gives you infinite nitrous
  • slowitdownwhenyouwant - gives you infinite speedbreaker
  • speed3foryou - unlocks Mazda Speed3 for the quick race
  • lotsoffreelogos - unlocks Need for Speed Carbon Logo Vinyls

Cheats for Need For Speed Carbon PC Demo

Type these codes when on "PRESS ANY KEY" or "CLICK TO CONTINUE" screen

  • givemethedb9 - Get an Aston Martin DB9
  • givemethechargersrt8 - Get a Dodge Charger SRT8
  • canyonalltheway - Enable Canyon race

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