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  • Updated NFSC Carbon Savegame Validator by GENiEBEN to version 1.2.
  • Added windowed mode tool and resolution changer to NFSC Tools page.
  • Added car hex list to NFSC FAQ
  • Added physics trainer by RacerS. See NFSC Trainers
  • Added two trainers by Gnagna2000 for v.1.3
  • Added few things to NFSC FAQ section.
  • Updated NFSC Trainer by Gnagna2000. See NFSC Trainers.
  • Added NFSC Unlocker and Savegame Validator by Gnagna2000 to NFSC Savegames section.
  • Added list of NFSC XBox Live Achievements.
  • Added the NFSC Spyware workaround into NFSC FAQ
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