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NFSC LAN Server coming closer

Posted on 28. Dec 2006 · Comments [20]
In case you've missed the NFSC LAN Server Discussion @ our NFS Zone Messageboard then you should check it out. Covo2k and others came very close now, but it looks like without help of experienced reverse engineer we're stuck. The problem lies somewhere in private/public keys pairs and forcing the game to accept our keys instead of the EA's. This would probably involve some serious changes to the game files, which wasn't exactly what we'd like to do. In case you are able to help, please read entire thread about NFSC LAN Server @ our NFS Zone Messageboard. Thanx and happy new year!!!!!

NFS Savegame Editor Update

Posted on 28. Dec 2006 · Comments [16]
Hello and happy holidays! CodeRipper has updated his Savegame Editor to v1.27...
Not all spoilers were unlocked for such cars as Mazda Mazdaspeed3,
Volkswagen Golf R32, Renault Clio v6 -> added some new id's
See the NFSC Downloads page.

NFS Carbon Savegames Breakthrough

Posted on 12. Dec 2006 · Comments [35]
This is a real breakthrough as now it's possible to fix the checksum in the savegame so it's now no problem to generate your own savegames, rename profile names and do some other stuff. Big thanks goes to Code Ripper for this. See the NFSC Downloads section and look for the NFSC Savegame Editor 1.25. Now only if someone could make the NFSC LAN Client/Server.

Online Rewards Unlocked (NFSC)

Posted on 4. Dec 2006 · Comments [47]
Gnagna2000 has upgraded her trainer and unlocker for v1.3 of NFS Carbon. Unlocker now unlocks the online game rewards, so there's no need to beat the XP50 or EA NFSC Moderator. Go to NFSC Downloads section for updated releases.

New NFSC Stuff

Posted on 29. Nov 2006 · Comments [4]
Hello after a week, we're updating the site with this new stuff:
  • NFSC Unlocker by Gnagna2000 for v1.3
  • NFSC Trainer by Gnagna2000 for v1.3
  • NFSC Physics Trainer by Racer_S (for v1.2)
  • NFSC Resolution Changer by Racer_S (v1.2 and v1.3)
  • NFSC Windowed Mode by Arushan

All this stuff can be found in the NFSC Downloads section. Check it out =)

NFSC Unlocker and Savegame Validator

Posted on 21. Nov 2006 · Comments [27]
Gnagna2000 has released new tools for NFSC. She updated the NFSC +XI trainer, so now it's +XII trainer and she released a NFSC unlocker and savegame validator, that will help you load alien savegames and overwrite the CDKEY in them to yours! Great work. See the NFSC Trainers and NFSC Savegames sections respectively.

NFS Carbon Patch 1.3

Posted on 21. Nov 2006 · Comments [22]
If you intend to play online, you are about to upgrade you NFS Carbon to version 1.3. As you can see from the updates this patch fixes, once again - EA disappointed... But after all, did someone expect something different?
  • Addresses issue with the online authentication screen
  • Allows for consistent use of EA Messenger
  • Updates to address a leaderboard issue during Online Pursuit Tag
  • Allows for full friend searching functionality
  • Updates to address launching issues between XP and 2K

Download from EA Download Site (open)

NFSC Tidbits

Posted on 19. Nov 2006 · Comments [0]
Heylo! Not much happened in the NFS Carbon scene lately. EA opened their download shop, where they rip u for one buck per every car you "download". We have a new version of the NFSC Trainer by the godess Gnagna2000 (Currently only on the NFSC Forum. Also it looks that the NFSC LAN server is in the works as few guys discussed this on the forum. That's all for now. I will update the site later with more stuff!
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NFS Carbon Spyware?

Posted on 14. Nov 2006 · Comments [3]
Today, I found out another reason to those who did not yet buy the game to spare few bucks. The PC version of the NFS Carbon (not sure about other platforms, but XBox 360 is probably also infected) ships with the same spyware technology as Battlefield 2142 shipped earlier this year.

Electronic Arts probably sold the rights to serve a contextual in-game ads based on a player's physical location (based upon his or her IP address). If you look into decrypted version of NFSC.EXE you can find strings like, AdClient.csv or AdClientLog.txt which leads me to similar conclusions as the Battlefields 2142 players earlier.

The domain is currently owned by Microsoft corporation. What's the funniest thing that the publisher (EA) probably gets only $1-2 bucks per each sold title... I wish they would make the game $2 more expensive instead of doing this unpopular decisions. Problem is that the people are sheep and most of them actually never realize that they're being spied.

Currently the easiest workaround for this is to deny the resolution of the addresses in the hosts file of your OS. See NFS Carbon FAQ for details on this.

More on this:

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NFS Carbon LAN Server?

Posted on 13. Nov 2006 · Comments [11]
Today I looked into how complicated would be to construct a custom NFS Carbon LAN Server. Blame EA for the extreme amount of cheaters, not the the publishers of the trainers. But the thing is, that even on a super-fast LAN when the ppl are sitting next to each other, all the comms go through EA servers making the game really suck a lot. The solution is a NFS Carbon LAN Server.

From what I've found out so far, the online play is very similar to NFS Underground's and this is where the old NFSU Server may come into play. These are just first thoughts, express your ideas on the topic in the NFS Carbon over LAN thread in the NFSC Forum.

NFSC PiZZADoX Trainer Updated!

Posted on 13. Nov 2006 · Comments [17]
Wow! Pizza has updated their cool trainer. See this quote from the readme file: This repack fixes an issue with using the 'Disable Fall Behind Time' option from our earlier release only worked during the first stage of a Canyon Race. Head over to the NFSC Downloads section for this sweetie.

NFSC Xbox Trainer

Posted on 12. Nov 2006 · Comments [6]
Whoa! A trainer for Microsoft XBox. We don't have an XBOX version of the game to test against, but this may be helpful to any XBox user out there. Please share your experiences with this trainer on the NFSC Forum in the NFSC XBox Trainer thread.

NFSC Section Updates

Posted on 12. Nov 2006 · Comments [6]
Just a quick and dirty update of the NFS Carbon section including a motion blur trick (see NFSC FAQ, one NFSC Savegames, one Unlock-All Bundle by GodSpeed and two new trainers. All these in the NFSC Download section. Enjoy and remember that cheating online is evil!

NFSC XBOX360 Reviews

Posted on 12. Nov 2006 · Comments [0]
Still in doubt about buying the NFS Carbon or not? We at NFSZONE are a bit disappointed about the missing LAN Multiplayer and the absolutely none anti-cheat protection while playing online. Hope the XBOX360 users will be saved from this problems. See one of the sites below for NFSC XBOX-360 Reviews.
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NFSC Savegame Activators & More

Posted on 8. Nov 2006 · Comments [16]
Four new downloads just arrived at NFS Zone. All of them are related to Need For Speed Carbon and can be found at the NFSC Downloads page. Three of them are from GENiEBEN and they will solve your problems with annoying intro, language and saves. The fourth has been made by edasx and also manages the saves. So choice is yours. Proceed to NFSC Downloads page.
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